Any and all polygamous cultures destabilize the entire culture

Bad idea with tragic consequences for children hiding behind cutsey manipulative elitist doubletalk

There are no successful polygamous cultures in the world.  All polygamy destabilizes the entire culture.


Polyamorists, who (so far) define themselves by “love” rather than marriage, have been arguing the merits of their lifestyle and their rights for some years now, and the movement will hold its fifth international conference at the University of California, Berkeley, in February.

According to a chatty mailout from Saturnia Regna to “polylegal” groups, the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy (official name) will focus on academic presentations but there will also be workshops and sideshows catering for interests ranging from jealousy management and STDs, through folklore, to BDSM.

What is completely missing is the destructiveness of uninvolved fractured fathering on most if not all of the children

The science will, no doubt, include studies on how well children are doing in households with more than two “parents”, where jealousy is always an issue, threatening the stability of the household and the security of the children. Perhaps it will also tell us the rates of STDs and complications among polyamorists, and rates of change in household composition.

Meanwhile, watch out for media stories about happy polyamorist “families” and a history of marriage which makes “consensual nonmonogamy” look almost superior to the one man, one woman and their own children model.

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There are no happy or successful polygamous societies on earth

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All forms of polygyny and/or polygamy lead to broken fathering.

Broken fathering is the problem.

Nurturing fathering is the solution.

Wake up, fathers, stepfathers, and father figures and leaders.

All international terrorism is due to the  need of the old bulls to rid themselves of excess unwanted young throwaway low status males so the old bulls have more young girls.

All international terrorism is due to the unnurtured young throwaways of polygamy expelled from their communities at a critical period of the long road to maturity.

Why isn’t the middle east taking any refugees? Because their rigid form of polygamy only for the elites leaves NO WOMEN for low status throwaways?


Why isn’t the middle east taking any refugees?  Because their rigid form of polygamy only for the elites leaves NO WOMEN for low status throwaways?


There are no women for these troubled, enraged males.



Thanks to the advances and innate compassion of Western Civilization, life expectancy is skyrocketing.

A hundred years ago, most of these third world throwaways would be dead by the age of 25.

Now, thanks to the greatest civilization the world has ever seen, these zombie eyed throwaways are multiplying all over the third world of various forms of polygyny.

Polygamy causes terrorism.  Polygamy causes poverty, not the other way around.

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This is a problem that must be faced by those who are creating the problems.

Terrorism will increase until the rigid, unstable form of polygamy is wiped off the map.

The brutalized, vacant eyed sociopathic throwaways of a brutal form of polygamy will continue to flood the West until polygamy is wiped off the blood soaked map.


Many Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, together with Islamic countries Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Gulf Arab and African states are forming a military coalition to combat terrorism>

Nothing will change until all Muslims ban all forms of polygamy

The announcement cited “a duty to protect the Islamic nation from the evils of all terrorist groups and organizations whatever their sect and name which wreak death and corruption on earth and aim to terrorize the innocent.”

The brutalized throwaways of polygamy are the problem.

The worst fathering on the planet is the problem.

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Weak, confused, enabling, muddled Western leadership:

Troubling narrative of terrorist grooming and recruitment of vulnerable youths and weak, passive aggressive western leadership that enables evil

Is there money behind this?  Smacks of massive hiarchy of terrorist recruitment via grooming then feigning innocence


Parents of foreign fighters accuse Belgian police of inaction

Federal prosecutor demands maximum sentence for alleged recruiter for armed groups in Syria

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Terrorist grooming turning vulnerable children into hate crazed sociopaths is a recipe for chaos and dysfunction and unhappiness

Terrorist groomers turn vulnerables into violent, hate crazed, unhappy people many of whom become sociopaths

Horrifying video of small child who pulls out a huge knife from behind her back and makes stabbing motions as she says: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!”

This unhappy child will grow into an unhappy sociopath with no morals  and no regard for others.

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